NBN EN ISO 16321-3:2022

Eye and face protection for occupational use - Part 3: Additional requirements for mesh protectors (ISO 16321-3:2021)


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English and French
Publication date
30 April 2022
NBN EN 166:2002, NBN EN 1731:2007
ICS Code
13.340.20 (Head protective equipment)

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This document specifies additional performance and marking requirements for mesh protectors designed to provide protection for the eyes and faces of persons against mechanical hazards such as impacts from flying particles and fragments. The other applicable requirements for mesh protectors and the frames/mountings to which they are intended to be fitted are given in ISO 16321‑1.
This document also applies to mesh protectors used in educational establishments.
This document also applies to those eye and face protectors used for occupational-type tasks that are performed similarly to an occupation, e.g. "do‑it‑yourself".
This document is not applicable to protectors for use against liquid splash (including molten metal), hot solid risks, infrared and ultraviolet radiation. For protection against these hazards suitable additional or alternative protectors according ISO 16321‑1 will be needed.
This document does not apply to mesh protectors used in sports such as fencing.