CEN/TS 17262:2018

Personal identification - Robustness against biometric presentation attacks - Application to European Automated Border Control


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Publication date
08 December 2018
ICS Code
35.240.20 (IT applications in office work)

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This document is an application profile for the International Standard ISO/IEC 30107. It provides requirements and recommendations for the implementation of Automated Border Control (ABC) systems in Europe with Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) capability.
This document covers the evaluation of countermeasures from the Biometrics perspective as well as privacy, data protection and usability aspects. Technical descriptions of countermeasures are out of scope. Enrolment, issuance and verification applications of electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents (eMRTD) other than border control are not in scope. In particular, presentation attacks at enrolment are out of scope.
The biometric reference data can be stored in an eMRTD and/or in a database of registered travellers.
This document covers:
- biometric impostor attacks and
- biometric concealer attacks in a watchlist scenario.
This document addresses PAD for facial and fingerprint biometrics only.