NBN EN 1991-1-1:2002

Eurocode 1: Actions on structures - Part 1-1: General actions - Densities, self-weight, imposed loads for buildings (+ AC:2009)


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English, French and Dutch
Publication date
28 June 2002
Corrected By
NBN EN 1991-1-1/AC:2009
ICS Code
91.010.30 (Technical aspects)

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(1) EN 1991-1-1 gives design guidance and actions for the structural design of buildings and civil engineering works including some geotechnical aspects for the following subjects:

- Densities of construction materials and stored materials;

- Self-weight of construction works;

- Imposed loads for buildings.

(2) Section 4 and Annex A give nominal values for densities of specific building materials, additional materials for bridges and stored materials. In addition for specific materials the angle of repose is provided.

(3) Section 5 provides methods for the assessment of the characteristic values of self-weight of construction works.

(4) Section 6 gives characteristic values of imposed loads for floors and roofs according to category of use in the following areas in buildings:
- residential, social, commercial and administration areas;
- garage and vehicle traffic areas;
- areas for storage and industrial activities;
- roofs;
- helicopter landing areas.

(5) The loads on traffic areas given in Section 6 refer to vehicles up to a gross vehicle weight of 160 kN. The design for traffic areas for heavy vehicles of more than 160 kN gross weight needs to be agreed with the relevant authority. Further information may be obtained from EN 1991-2.

(6) For barriers or walls having the function of barriers, horizontal forces are given in Section 6. Annex B gives additional guidance for vehicle barriers in car parks.

NOTE Forces due to vehicle impact are specified in EN 1991-1-7 and EN 1991-2.

(7) For the design situations and effects of actions in silos and tanks caused by water or other materials see EN 1991-3.