NBN EN ISO 11297-3:2018

Plastics piping systems for renovation of underground drainage and sewerage networks under pressure - Part 3: Lining with close-fit pipes (ISO 11297-3:2018)


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German, English and French
Publication date
27 November 2018
NBN EN ISO 11297-3:2013
ICS Code
23.040.20 (Plastics pipes)
23.040.45 (Plastics fittings)
91.140.80 (Drainage systems)
93.030 (External sewage systems)

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This document, in conjunction with ISO 11297‑1, specifies requirements and test methods for close-fit lining systems intended to be used for the renovation of underground drainage and sewerage networks under pressure.
It applies to pipes and fittings, as manufactured, as well as to the installed lining system. It is applicable to polyethylene (PE) pipes of either solid wall single layer or co-extruded layer construction, which is reduced in the factory or on site to provide a close-fitting independent or interactive pressure pipe liner, as well as associated fittings and joints for the construction of the lining system. It is not applicable to PE coated pipes having a peelable, contiguous, thermoplastic additional layer on the outside of the pipe.
It is applicable to PE pipes, fittings and assemblies intended to be used at an operating temperature of 20 °C as the reference temperature.
NOTE For applications operating at constant temperatures greater than 20 °C and up to 40 °C, see ISO 4427‑1:2007, Annex A.