NBN EN ISO 17279-1:2018

Welding - Micro joining of 2nd generation high temperature superconductors - Part 1: General requirements for the procedure (ISO 17279-1:2018)


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German, English and French
Publication date
27 November 2018
ICS Code
25.160.01 (Welding, brazing and soldering in general)

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This document provides concepts, specification and qualification of 2G HTS joining procedure. A welding procedure specification (WPS) is needed to provide a basis for planning joining operations and for quality control during joining. Joining is considered as a special process in the terminology of standards for quality systems. Standards for quality systems usually require that special processes be carried out in accordance with written procedure specifications. This has resulted in the establishment of a set of rules for qualification of the joining procedure prior to the release of the WPS to actual production. This document defines these rules.
This document does not cover soldering, brazing or any fillers, which are currently available in the industry. It can be applied for joining of all kinds of 2G HTSs.
This document does not apply to 1st Generation Bismuth Strontium Calcium Copper Oxide (1G BSCCO) type HTS and Low Temperature Superconductor (LTS) Joining.