NBN EN 1459-9:2021

Rough-terrain trucks - Safety requirements and verification - Part 9: Variable-reach trucks equipped with work platforms having a front guard that can be opened


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German, English and French
Publication date
02 April 2021
ICS Code
53.060 (Industrial trucks)

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This document specifies the safety requirements for slewing rough-terrain variable-reach trucks and rough-terrain variable-reach trucks defined by ISO 5053-1 (hereafter referred to as trucks) and their work platforms having front guards that can be opened for removal of roof material (hereafter referred to as work platforms).
This document deals with the significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to the combination of the truck and the integrated work platform when it is used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer. The significant hazards covered by this document are listed in Annex A.
NOTE 1 Duplicate controls for the slewing upper structure, the boom and the work platform movements can be also provided under specific circumstances at the operating position in the enclosed cab of the truck.
This document does not address hazards which can occur:
a) when using non-integrated work platforms or other attachments not designed for lifting persons;
b) when handling suspended work platforms which can swing freely;
c) when operating underground or in potentially explosive atmospheres;
d) when removing asbestos, regarding the possible release of fibres.
This document does not specify safety requirements for trucks equipped with work platforms intended for leaving and re-entering at height.
NOTE 2 National regulations for worksites can apply for asbestos removal to cover the risks related to the possible release of fibres.