NBN EN 328:2014

Heat exchangers - Forced convection unit air coolers for refrigeration - Test procedures for establishing the performance


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German, English and French
Publication date
26 September 2014
EN 328:1999/A1:2002, NBN EN 328:1999
ICS Code
23.120 (Ventilators. Fans. Air-conditioners)
27.060.30 (Boilers and heat exchangers)

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This European Standard is applicable to non-ducted unit air coolers for refrigeration operating:
a) with direct dry expansion of a refrigerant;
b) with liquid overfeed by pump circulation of a refrigerant;
c) with a liquid.
This standard specifies uniform methods of performance assessment to test and ascertain the following:
- product identification;
- standard capacity;
- standard liquid pressure drop;
- standard refrigerant pressure drop (for operation with liquid overfeed by pump circulation only);
- nominal air flow rate;
- nominal fan power.
It does not cover evaluation of conformity.
It is not applicable to air coolers for duct mounting or with natural air convection.
This standard does not cover technical safety aspects.