NBN EN 4840-102:2020

Aerospace series - Heat shrinkable moulded shapes - Part 102: Elastomeric, semi-rigid, temperature range -75 to 150 °C - Product Standard


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German, English and French
Publication date
29 January 2020
ICS Code
49.060 (Aerospace electric equipment and systems)

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This document specifies the required characteristics for heat-shrinkable elastomeric semi-rigid, boots for use in aircraft electrical systems at operating temperatures between -75 °C and 150 °C.
The moulded shapes may be supplied with a pre-coated adhesive. Refer to the manufacturers/suppliers for options. A guide to adhesive compatibility is given in Annex A (informative).
These moulded shapes are normally supplied in the styles and dimensions given in EN 4840-002 Table 1 to Table 22. The colour is normally black.
Styles and dimensions other than those specifically listed in EN 4840-002 Table 1 to Table 22 may be available as custom items. These items shall be considered to comply with this standard if they comply with the property requirements listed in Table 1 with the exception of dimensions.