NBN EN ISO 10524-3:2006

Pressure regulators for use with medical gases - Part 3: Pressure regulators integrated with cylinder valves (ISO 10524-3:2005)


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German, English and French
Publication date
19 June 2006
Withdrawn Date
27 February 2019
EN 738-3:1998, EN 738-3:1998/A1:2002
Replaced by
NBN EN ISO 10524-3:2019
Amended By
NBN EN ISO 10524-3/A1:2013
ICS Code
11.040.10 (Anaesthetic, respiratory and reanimation equipment)

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ISO 10524-3:2005 applies to pressure regulators integrated with cylinder valves intended for the administration of medical gases in the treatment, management, diagnostic evaluation and care of patients for use with the following medical gases:
oxygen; nitrous oxide; air for breathing; helium; carbon dioxide; xenon; specified mixtures of the gases listed above; air for driving surgical tools; nitrogen for driving surgical tools.
These pressure regulators integrated with cylinder valves are intended to be fitted to cylinders with nominal filling pressures up to 25 000 kPa at 15 °C and can be provided with devices that control and measure the flow of the medical gas delivered.