NBN ISO 16128-2:2020

Cosmetics — Guidelines on technical definitions and criteria for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients — Part 2: Criteria for ingredients and products (ISO 16128-2:2017)


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English and French
Publication date
29 January 2020
ICS Code
71.100.70 (Cosmetics. Toiletries)

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This document describes approaches to calculate natural, natural origin, organic and organic origin
indexes that apply to the ingredient categories defined in ISO 16128-1. This document also offers a
framework to determine the natural, natural origin, organic and organic origin content of products
based on the ingredient characterization.
Neither ISO 16128-1 nor this document addresses product communication (e.g. claims and labelling),
human safety, environmental safety, socio-economic considerations (e.g. fair trade), characteristics of
packaging materials or regulatory requirements applicable for cosmetics.
This document builds on and enhances ISO 16128-1. It is intended to be used in conjunction with
ISO 16128-1.