NBN ISO 22472:2020

Ships and marine technology — Guidelines for the operation and installation of voyage data recorder (VDR) ((ISO 22472:2016))


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Publication date
29 July 2020
ICS Code
47.040 (Seagoing vessels)

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The purpose of this International Standard is to provide guidance for the planning, installation and operational testing of voyage data recorder (VDR) installations according to specifications of IMO Resolution MSC.333 (90) and associated IEC 61996-1. This International Standard mainly covers interfaces between VDR and external sensors, which are the main subject for technical agreements among users, shipyards, VDR suppliers and/or sensor manufacturers when installations are planned. In addition, matters of performance test and playback are described as well. Furthermore, details for checking of items related to the interfaces and the installation are introduced. This International Standard is not intended for the standardization of performance factors and functional requirements related to VDR. When whole or partial replacement of an existing simplified VDR (S-VDR) is required, this International Standard provides guidance according to the requirements of IMO Resolution MSC.163 (78) and IEC 61996-2 for installation of the items concerned.
NOTE Texts of this International Standard that are identical to that of IMO Resolution MSC.333 (90) and/or IEC 61996–1 are formatted in italics, and the regulation and associated performance standard clause numbers are indicated in brackets, where necessary.