NBN ISO 11665-8:2020

Measurement of radioactivity in the environment — Air: radon-222 — Part 8: Methodologies for initial and additional investigations in buildings (ISO 11665-8:2019)


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English and French
Publication date
22 October 2020
ICS Code
17.240 (Radiation measurements)

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This document specifies requirements for the determination of the activity concentration of radon in all types of buildings. The buildings can be single family houses, public buildings, industrial buildings, underground buildings, etc.
This document describes the measurement methods used to assess, during the initial investigation phase, the average annual activity concentration of radon in buildings. It also deals with investigations needed to identify the source, entry routes and transfer pathways of the radon in the building (additional investigations).
Finally, this document outlines the applicable requirements for the immediate post‑mitigation testing of the implemented mitigation techniques, monitoring of their effectiveness and testing of the sustainability of the building's behaviour towards radon.
This document does not address the technical building diagnostic or the prescription of mitigation work.