NBN ISO 13184-2:2021

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) — Guidance protocol via personal ITS station for advisory safety systems — Part 2: Road guidance protocol (RGP) requirements and specification ((ISO 13184-2:2016))


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Publication date
13 May 2021
ICS Code
03.220.01 (Transport in general)
35.240.60 (IT applications in transport)

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This part of ISO 13184 specifies the road guidance use cases on the DXM to provide the real-time
decision support system to drivers or pedestrians using P-ITS-S. The road guidance protocol (RGP) is
an instantiation of the data exchange message (DXM), which represents a generic message to exchange
data between ITS stations.
The RGP defines an interoperable service protocol between P-ITS-S and R-ITS-S for exchanging data
elements. This part of ISO 13184 specifies the following:
— Reference architecture for real-time decision support system.
This reference architecture provides a general structure for the real-time decision support
system and the method of message exchange between the P-ITS-S and the R-ITS-S. This reference
architecture is used to build the interconnections between the P-ITS-S and the R-ITS-S.
— Technique of application protocol design for various use cases on a P-ITS-S.
This technique adopts a flexible and extendable protocol design. In many cases, the application
protocol for the ITS is designed to provide a set of messages that is dependent on the use cases
and the message exchange method. However, it is not easy to enumerate all use cases for some
applications. The use cases can be changed or enhanced frequently. For this type of application, the
protocol design, depending on the use cases, is not appropriate. This part of ISO 13184 provides a
general technique of designing the road guidance application protocol based on the use cases.
— Primitive data element.
The primitive data element will be commonly used to configure the safety warning and parking
guide service in the form of speed, location and time.
— Use cases at the road and parking spaces for warning and parking guide.
This part of ISO 13184 describes the use cases applicable to the communication services between
the P-ITS-S and the R-ITS-S for the purposes of providing safety warning and parking guidance.
ISO 13184 (all parts) have been aligned according to the requirements specified in ISO 21217,
ISO/TS 17419 and ISO/TS 17423.
This part of ISO 13184 only specifies the RGP messages based on the DXM definition (see Annex B
and Annex C) at real-time. The content of the RGP messages are based on the definition of road guidance
use cases as documented in ISO 13184–1.
This part of ISO 13184 implements ITS-SU objects, which is a general reference to ITS application
objects, ITS message sets and other objects which may require globally unique identification and
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ISO 13184-2:2016(E)
The management of ITS-SU objects is many-fold, e.g. specified in ISO 24102–4, ISO 24102–5, ISO 24102–
6, ISO 24102–7, ISO 24102–8 and ISO 24102–9, and in CEN/ISO/TS 17423. This part of ISO 13184
implements authorized and controlled operation of ITS-SU objects, which requires considerations of
ITS-SU object identifiers, i.e. ITS-AID, ITS-MsgSetID, ITS-SUID, ITS-SCUID, addresses and protocol
identifiers used in the communication protocol stack of an ITS-S, and others.
NOTE The accuracy of the navigation and positioning system as input to the Road Guidance application is
important for road guidance but is not part of the ISO 13184 series. Detailed information about crossroads is
needed for implementation of Road Guidance applications.