NBN ISO/IEC 29341-27-1:2021

Information technology — UPnP Device Architecture — Part 27-1: Friendly device control protocol — Friendly information update service (ISO/IEC 29341-27-1:2017)


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Publication date
19 May 2021
ICS Code
35.200 (Interface and interconnection equipment)

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This service definition is compliant with the UPnP Device Architecture version 1.0. It defines a
service type referred to herein as FriendlyInfoUpdate service . It is scoped to the Device
Description Document (DDD) and is a service allowing control points to create orderly
updates to the <friendlyName> and <iconList> elements. Once a change has taken
place the status of the DDD might not reflect that of the advertised description because the
device can not leave the network during ongoing activities. Therefore a state variable is
provided to indicate if the DDD contains non-advertised (pending) values. If for any reason
the device goes off line, power cycles, or reboots it will most likely advertise its new DDD. If
DeviceProtection UPnP DP is implemented on the device then it will support restricting
control point actions to control points with specific Roles.