NBN ISO/IEC 17825:2021

Information technology — Security techniques — Testing methods for the mitigation of non-invasive attack classes against cryptographic modules ((ISO/IEC 17825:2016))


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Publication date
20 May 2021
ICS Code
35.040 (Information coding)

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This International Standard specifies the non-invasive attack mitigation test metrics for determining
conformance to the requirements specified in ISO/IEC 19790 for Security Levels 3 and 4. The test
metrics are associated with the security functions specified in ISO/IEC 19790. Testing will be conducted
at the defined boundary of the cryptographic module and I/O available at its defined boundary.
The test methods used by testing laboratories to test whether the cryptographic module conforms to the
requirements specified in ISO/IEC 19790 and the test metrics specified in this International Standard
for each of the associated security functions specified in ISO/IEC 19790 are specified in ISO/IEC 24759.
The test approach employed in this International Standard is an efficient “push-button” approach: the
tests are technically sound, repeatable and have moderate costs.