NBN ISO 21561-2:2021

Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) — Determination of the microstructure of solution-polymerized SBR — Part 2: FTIR with ATR method ((ISO 21561-2:2016))


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Publication date
29 May 2021
ICS Code
83.060 (Rubber)

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This part of ISO 21561 specifies procedures for the quantitative determination of the microstructure
of the butadiene and the content of styrene in solution-polymerized SBR (S-SBR) by Fourier Transform
Infrared Spectrometry (FTIR) with Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) method. The styrene content is
expressed in mass % relative to the whole polymer. The vinyl, trans and cis contents are expressed in
mol % relative to the butadiene content. This method is only applicable to raw rubbers.
NOTE 1 Precision as shown in Annex A may not be obtained for S-SBRs containing polystyrene block or
styrene content more than 45 mass %.
NOTE 2 Only “vinyl”, “trans” and “cis”, are used in this part of ISO 21561. However, the expression of vinyl,
trans and cis mean as follows in general:
— vinyl: vinyl unit, vinyl bond, 1,2-unit, 1,2-bond, 1,2-vinyl-unit or 1,2-vinyl-bond;
— trans: 1,4-trans unit, 1,4-trans bond, trans-1,4 unit or trans1,4 bond;
— cis: 1,4-cis unit, 1,4-cis bond, cis-1,4 unit or cis-1,4 bond.