NBN ISO 2285:2021

Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic — Determination of tension set under constant elongation, and of tension set, elongation and creep under constant tensile load ((ISO 2285:2019))


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Publication date
31 May 2021
ICS Code
83.060 (Rubber)

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This document specifies a number of methods of determining the dimensional changes in test pieces of
vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber during and after tensile loading for relatively short periods under
constant elongation or constant loading.
The constant-elongation test is intended to measure the ability of rubbers to retain their elastic
properties after extension, at a standard laboratory temperature, to a specified strain which is
maintained for a specified time at the same or at a specified higher temperature and then released at
the test temperature or at the standard laboratory temperature.
The constant-load test specifies a method for the determination of elongation, creep and tension set of
rubbers subjected to a constant load at standard laboratory temperature.
The test methods are intended to measure the elastic properties of rubber in the hardness range
20 IRHD to 94 IRHD.
The creep measurement is not intended for product design or the evaluation of low-creep materials.
For these, ISO 8013 applies, and there is no agreement between the results of this test and those of
ISO 8013.
NOTE The constant-load test is primarily intended for the measurement of state of cure and the quality
control of thin-walled products. An increase in the state of cure or degree of crosslinking is usually reflected in a
decrease in set, creep or elongation.