NBN ISO 19671:2021

Additional lubricants for male natural rubber latex condoms — Effect on condom strength (ISO 19671:2018)


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Publication date
01 June 2021
ICS Code
11.200 (Birth control. Mechanical contraceptives)

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This document specifies a method of assessing the effect or compatibility of an additional or personal
lubricant with lubricated male natural rubber latex condoms. It also applies to topical medicines
and any other substances that come into contact with such condoms. It describes the measurement
of changes in physical properties of the condoms after exposure to the test substance (i.e. lubricant,
topical medicine, etc.) and specifies the pass/fail criteria for such changes.
This document is not applicable to the assessment of the compatibility of lubricants applied to a condom
at the time of manufacture. It is not directly applicable to the assessment of the compatibility of a
particular condom with lubricants or other substances. It is not directly applicable to tests using female
condoms, although similar principles can apply.
The test methods are applicable to condoms made from natural rubber latex and from synthetic
materials, but a pass/fail criterion is only stipulated for natural rubber latex.