NBN ISO 8178-3:2021

Reciprocating internal combustion engines — Exhaust emission measurement — Part 3: Test procedures for measurement of exhaust gas smoke emissions from compression ignition engines using a filter type smoke meter ((ISO 8178-3:2019))


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English and French
Publication date
08 June 2021
ICS Code
13.040.50 (Transport exhaust emissions)
27.020 (Internal combustion engines)

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This document specifies a method for the measurement of smoke from exhaust gas of reciprocating
internal combustion (RIC) engines at a steady state condition. The method evaluates the soot content
by measurement of the blackening of a filter and derivation of black carbon mass concentration (mg/
m3) from FSN. Where necessary, individual requirements may be specified for particular engine
This document is applicable to RIC engines for mobile, transportable and stationary use, excluding
engines for on-road transport of passengers and goods. It can be applied to engines for non-road use, e.g.
for earth-moving machines, generating sets and for other applications. For engines used in machinery
covered by additional requirements (e.g. occupational health and safety regulations, regulations for
power plants) additional test conditions and special evaluation methods can apply.