Johan Haelterman - NBN - Belgium

Candidate ISO Council for Group 2 (2020 - 2022)

Born : 23 - 09 - 1963

Degrees :

  • Master of Industrial Sciences (1986)
  • Master in Business Management (1988)
  • Master in Computer Audit (1995)


Relevant work experience :

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers – Director (1995 – 2008)
  • Grant Thornton – Partner (2008 – 2012)
  • NBN - Chairman of the executive committee (2012 - current)

More details on my personal achievements can be found in my attached CV


My commitment to ISO

      Once elected to the ISO Council, I will spare no efforts in defending the interests of ISO members and their stakeholders:

      1. I will make 10% of my time available to ISO and the ISO community.
      2. As the CEO of a small standardisation body, I fully understand the needs of small-scale standardisation bodies. I will listen, interact, understand and provide advice where required.
      3. I am a strong believer in technology as a strategic driver for making standardisation more inclusive at a lower cost.
      4. I would like to make the involvement of young professionals and students in standards and standardisation a key ingredient for our success.
      5. I am committed to the success of ISO and will work together with fellow ISO Council members and the Secretary-General to help deliver the ISO strategy. 



      Since 2012 I have been CEO of NBN, the Belgian standardisation body.
      As such, I have had the opportunity to work closely with industry representatives, academics, societal organisations and governments. Customer focus and value creation are key in our strategy.

      Key achievements :

      Transformed NBN into a dynamic, customer oriented SME :
      - visibility of NBN boosted by 500% in website views, events, newsletter inscriptions ;
      - achieved a net promotor score of +45 ;
      - sales revenue increased by 100%.

      Developed the “Access to Knowledge” value proposition. With more than 40.000 standards in portfolio, NBN provides access to knowledge developed by thousends of experts worldwide. This value proposition is built around four key concepts: create, use, learn, share. Download the NBN value proposition here.


      What can I do for you ?

      Standards & Knowledge 

      Standards & Sustainability

      What can I do for you ? What can I do for you ?



      Click here to discover our annual report.
      Questions ? Suggestions ? Let me know what I can do for you :

      You can also find me on LinkedIn.