NBN EN 15221-6 - A deeper dive into standards for area and space measurement

As a facility manager or real estate professional, it is likely that you are charged with the area calculation of buildings. A challenging assignment, as finding the most (cost) efficient way to measure a surface isn’t always that simple...

Luckily, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. The European standard NBN EN 15221-6 prescribes a clear definition and measuring procedure. Eager to find out more? In our NBN practice-oriented training course, you will learn how to measure area and space in an unequivocal way. 


After participating in our training session, you will:

  • have a complete understanding of the NBN EN 15221-6 standard;
  • be able to measure area and space according to NBN EN 15221-6;
  • be capable of solving specific problems (staircases, elevators...);
  • be skilled in linking costs, revenues and square meters;
  • know how to measure surfaces and assign properties.


  • Welcome
  • Introduction (why use the NBN EN 15221-6 standard, and do similar standards exist?)
  • The advantages of standards for area and space measurement
  • A closer look at NBN EN 15221-6: definition and structure
  • How to apply the standard
  • Case studies
  • Q&A session

For whom?

  • Facility managers
  • Asset managers
  • Real Estate managers
  • Architecture and engineering offices
  • Management companies
  • Project developers
  • Contractors

About the speaker

  • Peter Van Schel is an engineer-architect and works as consultant - project leader at PROCOS Group. He has been advising major organisations for over 15 years on Facility Management. Peter is a specialist in space management and was involved in the development of the European standard for surface measurement NBN EN 15221-6.


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