New standard and labels for lamp oils: order your stickers from NBN

NBN, the Belgian Bureau for Standardisation, published a new standard for lamp oils on 13 March 2019: NBN T 52-707:2019. One of the most important specifications of the standard concerns labelling: to help consumers choose the right type of kerosene, all pumps distributing lamp oils must bear new labels by 13 June 2019. You can order them from NBN.

Lamp oils: type B vs. type C

Lamp oil is used as fuel to power industrial furnaces as well as household stoves. The industrial variant is classified as type B, while household lamp oil is type C. Both types can be purchased in bulk at filling stations as well as in drums or jerry cans. In both cases, the type of fuel must be clearly stated to ensure that there isn’t any confusion for consumers and that they can safely choose the right lamp oil.

New marking on pumps

Filling stations distributing type B lamp oil for end users must place new stickers on the pump(s) by 13 June 2019. The black and red sticker refers to the new NBN standard and clearly states in Dutch or French  ‘not suitable for household use’ (see image). The pump sticker for type C remains unchanged.

When the lamp oil is not sold in bulk, the packaging must bear a clearly legible and visible reference to this standard. The statement ‘not suitable for household use’ must appear on the packaging of type B lamp oil. For type C lamp oil, the text – in Dutch or in French – on the packaging specifies: ‘use in household wick stoves or catalytic converter stoves’. 

Marquage des pompes_pétrole lampant

Order your lamp oil labels from NBN

The deadline for placing the new labels on pumps is 13 June 2019. So, don’t wait too long: order your stickers now in Dutch or in French using the order form on our website.

Order your stickers now. 

Want to know more about the new standard and the lamp oil stickers? You can purchase the NBN T 52-707:2019 standard in the NBN e-shop. For more information, feel free to e-mail us at