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Consulting standards

Would you like to consult standards?
Contact NBN and get access to the NBN Reading Room. You can then consult the NBN online catalogue with more than 42,000 Belgian, European and ISO standards.
For all electrotechnical standards, please refer to BEC-CEB.

Education and standards

Standards play an essential role in our society. It is therefore crucial to teach students about their importance and practical use. Against this background, NBN has launched the 'Education about Standardisation' platform. Its purpose is to convey the importance of standards to university and college students.

The platform aims to:

  • make university and college professors aware of the importance of standards for society and business
  • support education about standardisation with: teaching material, easy access to standards for students, business games, a network of speakers on the subject etc.
  • provide students with sufficient knowledge about standards, which they can later apply in their professional careers.

If you would like to participate in this platform, either as a professor or on behalf of your university or college, please contact us.