Registration services

In its capacity as the national registration authority, NBN takes care of registrations defined in a number of international ISO standards. For more information:  ISO - Maintenance agencies and registration authorities.


Why register?

Registration refers to the attribution of a unique registration number or code. Its purpose is to identify companies, individuals or products in order to ensure their traceability at an international level. Registration prevents abuse and establishes the identity of the owner in a simple way.


Applications for registration of identification cards

Issuer Identification Number (IIN according to ISO/IEC 7812-2):


Registered Application Provider Identifier (RID according to ISO/IEC 7816-5):


Applications for registration related to road transport and traffic

World Manufacturer Identifier/Vehicle Identification Number (WMI/VIN according to ISO 3780 ISO 3779):


Issuer Identifier (CS1 according to EN ISO 14816):


Applications for registration related to object identification

Object Identifier (OID according to ISO/IEC 8824):


Other registration services

For more information about other registration services, please contact NBN.