AS/EN 9100:2016 - quality management systems for aerospace

Why a new standard?

A series of AS/EN 9100 standards were amended in 2016. These standards complement the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard by adding specifications for the aerospace industry. They focus on areas such as safety, reliability and compliance.

Suppliers and manufacturers with a certified quality management system can demonstrate that they operate in compliance with the applicable rules. As a result, they reduce the need for external audits and reviews, get easier access to major aerospace manufacturers, and they achieve budget savings by implementing an efficient production process. The quality management system based on AS/EN 9100 is recognised worldwide and is easy to integrate into your existing systems.

Why take part?

During this seminar:

  • You will discover which requirements a quality management system based on the AS/EN 9100:2016 standard must comply with.
  • You will learn about the certification process.

Who can participate?

The training is aimed at employees of manufacturers and suppliers in the aerospace industry who want to:

  • Explore new aspects of the AS/EN 9100, 9110 and 9120 aviation, space and defense standards;
  • Know the compliance requirements for an AS/EN 9100 standard certified management system;
  • Maintain a quality management system based on the AS/EN 9100 standard.


This training provides an overview of the AS/EN 9100, AS/EN 9110 and AS/EN 9120 standards, which fit in with the High Level Structure and the new ISO 9001:2015:

  • new concepts in 2016 versions of AS/EN 9100/9110/9120 standards;
  • the role of the quality manager;
  • the compliance-driven and customer-driven approach;
  • required documentation;
  • PEAR forms as an audit tool;
  • key performance indicators, process indicators and key result indicators;
  • the certification process;
  • organisational structure and certification;
  • major and minor non-conformities as improvement tool;
  • transition to 2016 versions of AS/EN 9100/9110/9120.

In-Company Training

In this type of training your requirements provide the starting point. A preliminary interview will help us adapt the content of the session to your particular needs. In-company training offers a number of specific advantages:

  • The training is tailored to the specific needs of your company. This means that your employees will be able to apply their newly acquired knowledge more rapidly after the training session.
  • Your employees will feel more involved because the exercises and cases will be specific to your company or business sector.
  • Lower cost per participant than for individual trainings.
  • Greater flexibility in the choice of the location, date and language of the training (Dutch, French or English).


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