Participate in the development of new biotechnology standards

Biotechnology is a frontier for innovation and one of the key enabling technological fields of the 21st century. While our understanding of biological systems grows, we are making tremendous advancements in the application of science and technology to living organisms in a variety of fields. In this constantly evolving environment, biotechnology experts worldwide are joining forces. Their goal? To generate a framework for the more efficient use of the vast number of new technologies being developed.

To do this, a large panel of stakeholders gathers around the table. They help develop standards that generate giant leaps in sectors like healthcare, agri- and aquaculture, industry and environment. Currently, ten international ISO standards are under development, setting best practices for the biotechnology sector.

Belgium as a biotech hub

The Belgian biotech industry is a pioneer in its field. The ongoing evolution of the sector has led to the creation of several biotechnology clusters in Belgium, making it a centre for the development of new standards.

Biotechnology standards help to:

  • ensure technological advancements in the field of biotechnology processes;
  • open up new markets for game-changing biotechnological innovations;
  • help organisations enhance their national and international competitiveness.

What can we do for you?

The Bureau for Standardisation (NBN) develops and sells standards in Belgium. We offer a variety of tools, events and trainings.


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