Purchasing standards: what do I need to know?

You can purchase a single-use standard in the available language of your choice and in the version applicable at that moment. However, if a new version is released a month later, yours will be obsolete. Also important: standards are copyright protected (copyright ©), which means you cannot transfer them or share them with third parties.

Which standards are available at the NBN?

The NBN is the Belgian Bureau for Standardisation. Our offer contains more than 35,000 standards in different categories:

  • NBN: Belgian standards
  • NBN EN: European standards accepted in Belgium
  • NBN ISO and NBN ISO/IEC: international standards accepted in Belgium
  • NBN EN ISO and NBN EN ISO/IEC: international standards accepted by Europe and therefore in Belgium too

We are constantly expanding our offer of standards. ASTM standards are now also available.

How do you search for the standard you need?

In the online NBN-shop you can search for standards:

  • by entering the number of the standard (e.g. 9001)
  • or the title of the standard (e.g. environment). Always search in the language in which you consult the website. Can't find what you need? Try entering a synonym.

The results of your search will specify the number, title, publication date and status. Do you need more information? Just click and the details appear: summary and a preview of the first pages.


Purchasing a standard in the NBN e-shop

In the e-shop you purchase the standard(s) of your choice. This is quick and easy You can pay with Bancontact, Maestro, VISA or Mastercard. Do you prefer paying after receiving an invoice? That is also possible. And you will still get immediate access to the standard(s).


Which standards cannot be purchased in the shop?

Electrotechnical and electronic, foreign and some ISO-standards. Do you need these standards? In that case access to the digital myNBN standard portal is interesting for you.

Purchasing standards

Do you want more information about purchasing standards? Or are you interested in a subscription option?

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