Purchasing standards from the NBN e-shop

What will you find?

You can purchase the following standards from the NBN e-shop:

  • NBN: Belgian standards
  • NBN EN: European standards accepted in Belgium
  • NBN ISO: international standards accepted in Belgium
  • NBN EN ISO: international standards accepted by Europe and Belgium

You cannot purchase foreign standards from the e-shop. However, customers with a myNBN account can request these via the digital platform.


How do you search for standards?

You can search for standards in the NBN e-shop by entering the number of the standard (e.g. 9001) or the title (e.g. environment). Anyone searching for a standard should note that the titles of European and international standards are in English or French.

The results of your search will be presented in the form of a list showing the standard number, title, publication date, language and status. You can find out more information regarding the content of the standard and the price via the ‘details’ button. Finally, at the bottom, you will find the PDF documents in the available languages.

If you wish to purchase one or more standards via the e-shop, you can pay quickly and easily by debit card, Maestro, VISA or MasterCard.

Note: all standards available from the e-shop are subject to copyright legislation. Therefore, you cannot use them in their entirety without consent from the NBN.

Are you interested in purchasing one or more standards

Visit our e-shop at www.nbn.be/shop/en