myNBN – the digital platform for standards

Ensuring the integrity of an organisation is no easy task. With myNBN, we can take that weight off your shoulders. The NBN digital standards platform can help you to manage standards within your organisation, resulting in more efficient processes, better risk management and general internal satisfaction.


myNBN: your personalised and centralised standards catalogue

Want to manage your collection of standards online? With myNBN, you can. You can consult the latest versions – as well as updated versions – of NBN standards in various languages quickly and easily via this handy online  platform. You can use myNBN to create a centralised collection of standards customised for your organisation to which your own standards can also be added. There are plenty of options to choose from and you can also download and print your standards in no time.

Your NBN standards catalogue in myNBN contains:

  • all Belgian standards (NBN);
  • all European standards which are accepted in Belgium (NBN EN);
  • all international standards which are accepted in both Europe and Belgium (NBN EN ISO);
  • international standards which are not accepted in Europe but are accepted in Belgium (NBN ISO).


A customised solution for your organisation

myNBN offers a wide range of options which can be tailored to your needs:

  • build up your own collection – you can create your own collection of standards in your personal myNBN account. Here, you can consult all your standards (in pdf or reading format) and make them accessible to your organisation. You can also enable notifications in order to keep up-to-date with the latest changes or updates;
  • consult standards online – in the user-friendly online reading room, you can consult more than 35,000 Belgian and European standards in all available languages (NL, EN, FR and DE). Read only mode is accessible at any time;
  • access to foreign standards and integration of your own standards – you can also request non-NBN standards (e.g. foreign standards) and add them to your collection via myNBN. You can also incorporate standards which you already own. An integrated control system enables NBN to guarantee the copyright protection and compliance of all the standards you purchase on request, including those issued by other publishers;
  • manage your company’s collection – only for managers: an administrator is appointed for each account who can set up the management of the myNBN account himself/herself, add and remove other users and access the statistics for the account including user reports. He or she can use those insights to optimise the myNBN account;
  • customised training – we offer training customised for your organisation in order to guide you and your colleagues through the world of standards and myNBN.


The benefits of myNBN

myNBN is an intuitive and reliable solution which offers a wide range of benefits. For instance, you can provide added value for your organisation by:

  • always implementing the latest versions of standards correctly and referring to them in the correct manner. As a result, the integrity of your company will always be guaranteed.
  • implementing more efficient processes via a centralised system that can be shared with multiple users and will ensure clarity within your organisation.
  • better risk management.
  • smooth purchasing administration, enabling you to save time and money.
  • quick and easy access to all standards and related documents. The result? Improved internal satisfaction.


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Smoother international collaboration and export at Saint-Gobain Glass
Standards are crucial for international glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain Glass. Standards facilitate not only international communication regarding products but also export activities. This is explained by Anne Minne who is the person responsible for standardisation within the company and is involved with NBN, CEN and ISO.


Standards facilitate company activities at Deceuninck
PVC manufacturer Deceuninck wants all of its products to comply with the latest standards. For that reason, the company keeps an eye out for the latest versions of standards via myNBN. “Standardisation also enables our business processes to run more smoothly at the same time”, says Anne-Marie Dalle who works in the central lab at Deceuninck.  “Because everyone uses the same methods and technical language.”

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