myNBN: your personalised standards platform

In myNBN you can compile your own collection of standards from the NBN catalogue thanks to your subscription. A collection contains 20, 60, 100 or more standards which you regularly use. Every standard in your collection is available in all available languages (NL, FR, EN, DE). You always have access to the most recent version. Standards are copyright protected. But the subscription is multi-user, without violating the copyright on standards. Several people (e.g. a department) within your organisation can legally consult, download and print the standards.

Consulting standards in the myNBN Reading Room

You don't need a collection but you do want access to standards? Or do you want to consult standards outside your collection? In that case the Reading Room is what you need. It contains the entire NBN collection: more than 35,000 Belgian and European standards. The Reading Room is accessible online at any time.


myNBN: access to other standards

For other standards, such as international, foreign, electrotechnical or electronic standards, myNBN makes it easy to purchase them. This means you manage all your standards in one location: simple and structured.

A solution customised to your organisation

Which solution is the best choice for you? The answer is not always easy. Because every company or organisation has its own needs. The NBN will gladly explore with you how we can best meet this need. We will happily work out a customised solution for you.

More information

Do you want to know more about myNBN? About the subscriptions or customised solutions? Contact us now. We will gladly help you.

myNBN: your advantages

  • Your company's integrity is safeguarded by always having the latest versions of standards available and by referring to them correctly.
  • The efficient processes and centralised system create clarity in your organisation and for your colleagues.
  • The reliable solution results in better risk management.
  • The efficient purchase administration saves time and money.
  • All standards and related documents are quickly and easily accessible which increases the internal satisfaction.


Customers testifying about myNBN

See how other companies use myNBN:


More efficient international collaboration and export at Saint-Gobain Glass

For international glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain Glass, standards facilitate not only international communication regarding products but also export activities. This is according to Anne Minne who is responsible for standardisation within the company and is involved with NBN, CEN and ISO.


Standards facilitate company activities at Deceuninck

PVC manufacturer Deceuninck wants all of its products to comply with the latest standards. This is why the company monitors the latest versions of standards on myNBN. “Standardisation also enables our business processes to run more efficiently”, says Anne-Marie Dalle who works in the central lab at Deceuninck. “Everyone uses the same methods and technical language.”


myNBN and SDGs

To help organisations with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), NBN developed a special solution in myNBN. Key idea: for every SDG you receive access to all relevant standards. This makes it easier for you to take specific actions.

Go to work and request access for your NBN-SDG-solution!