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myNBN – the digital platform for standards

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Want to manage your collection of standards online? With myNBN, you can. You can consult the latest versions – as well as updated versions – of NBN standards(*) in various languages via this handy online platform. There are plenty of options to choose from and you can also download and print your standards in no time.

Your NBN standards catalogue in myNBN contains:

  • all Belgian standards (NBN);
  • all European standards which are accepted in Belgium (NBN EN);
  • all international standards which are accepted in both Europe and Belgium (NBN EN ISO);
  • international standards which are not accepted in Europe but are accepted in Belgium (NBN ISO).


A customised platform for your organisation

myNBN offers a wide range of options which can be tailored to your needs:

  • build up your own collection – you can create your own collection of standards in your personal myNBN account. Here, you can consult all your standards (in pdf or reading format) and make them accessible to your organisation. You can also enable notifications in order to keep up-to-date with the latest changes or updates;
  • consult standards online – in the user-friendly online reading room, you can consult more than 35,000 Belgian and European standards in all available languages (NL, EN, FR and DE). Read only mode is accessible at any time;
  • access to foreign standards and integration of your own standards – you can also request non-NBN standards (e.g. foreign standards) and add them to your collection via myNBN. You can also incorporate standards which you already own. An integrated control system enables NBN to guarantee the copyright protection and compliance of all the standards you purchase on request, including those issued by other publishers;
  • extensive search facilities – you can search for standards in the entire NBN catalogue as well as the ISO database, if you wish. Your myNBN account will also keep a history of filters and search queries;
  • manage your company’s collection – only for managers: an administrator will be appointed for each account. That administrator can add and delete other users and access statistics relating to the account.


The benefits of myNBN

myNBN is an intuitive and reliable solution which offers a wide range of benefits. These include the following:

  1. get instant access to relevant knowledge on the content of standards;
  2. save on costs connected with administration and the purchase of standards;
  3. save time when using standards.

In order to guarantee all that, myNBN is:

  • easy to use – with a single mouse click, you can get an overview of your standards collection and history. Add users in no time, search the standards catalogue and supplement your personal collection with the standards you need;
  • accessible any time and anywhere – myNBN is a web-based application which means that there is no additional software to install. You can log in via the online portal wherever you are and whenever you want;
  • up-to-date information and stored history – you get access to the latest versions of standards, in all available languages (NL, FR, EN and DE). You can still also view older, updated standards;
  • practical – with a pdf licence, you can download and print standards in no time.


Want to find out more about these solutions?

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