NBN EN 1091

NBN EN 1091

Vacuum sewerage systems outside buildings
Release date: 
February, 1997


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This European Standard specifies the performance requirements of negative pressure driven sewerage systems carrying domestic waste water independent of their material. It also covers additional performance characteristics that are of importance to the specifiers, designers, constructors and Operators of vacuum sewerage systems. It does not provide for the evaluation of conformity of systems. It does not provide for the evaluation of conformity of systems.This European Standard gives guidance on the design and construction of vacuum sewerage Systems which convey domestic waste water but not rainwater. It does not deal with internal vacuum drainage systems. The components of the system should be evaluated by reference to the appropriate product standard. In the absence of a product standard, this standard may be used as a reference for drawing up a product specification. The design requirements of this European Standard are minimum requirements and do not constitute in themselves a comprehensive design guide sufficient to ensure a correctly functioning system. Every system must be individually designed, based on the design Parameters of the system employed; where proprietary systems are employed, account should be taken of the advice of the system suppliers.


Norm EN nr: 
EN 1091:1996