Committees in the spotlight

Would you like to sit on one or more standards committees and help develop standards as an expert? A handy list of current and future committees is shown below.


Circular economy

More and more organisations seek to embrace the circular economy. To help them get started, the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) is currently working on a series of standards governing the circular economy. Are you interested in supporting these standards, too? Commercial companies and authorities, NGOs and universities are all welcome! During the 'Standards on Circular Economy' kick-off event on 6 June 2019, NBN will be sharing insights into the circular economy and making arrangements for collaboration.

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Public procurement

It is mandatory for authorities to follow public procurement procedures for major new contracts. Unfortunately, these are often the subject of fraudulent practices. For that reason, the European Commission is now developing a new standard to ensure that public procurement procedures stay on the right track.

The first European meeting of the CEN/TC 461 standards committee will take place on 12 June 2019 in Stockholm. If, by the end of May, Belgian experts show sufficient interest in working together on the development of the standard, NBN will then organise a committee that will monitor and adjust the work on a European level.

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