Belgian, European and international standards committees

The NBN is organising various Belgian standards committees and follows the latest developments in relevant domains. We do this together with our sector operators, who are out working in the field on a daily basis.

In this document, you get an overview of all European, international and Belgian standards committees. You can also find the Belgian sector operator that follows up on them and also potential Belgian ‘mirror committees’ for European (CEN) or international (ISO) standards committees.

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Standards committees in the spotlight

Below we list a few standards committees for which we are looking for additional experts to join this year. This is both for committees that have recently been created and committees that are starting soon.


Circular economy

Sustainability expert, Mieke Pieters, summarises it well in her analysis of the ISO project regarding the circular economy: “The first international standards in this field will set the tone for a new economic era”. And in order to do this well, we need experts from various disciplines. So not only product designers and recycling or waste experts, but also professionals working on business models, logistics, change management, marketing, etc. As well as governments, NGOs and academics.

Would you like to share your expertise and know-how about the circular economy?



Public procurement

Public procurements represent a huge market within Europe. As much as 2 trillion EUR according to Eurostat. Within our single market, organisation can also take part in tenders from other EU countries. However, it turns out that only 4 % of public procurements cross national borders. The European Commission wants to do something about this with a new standard. Do you launch calls for tender or do you take part, audit or research the background processes, or do you actively fight corruption? Let your voice be heard.

Do you want to share your expertise and know-how about public procurements?