Public enquiry: final phase before definitive publication

The development of standards is an elaborate process. It begins with standards committees that develop a draft standard. The final step prior to publication of the standard is a public enquiry. Are you a party involved with the standard? Then you can participate.


How collaborating on the public enquiry benefits you

You’re already up to date with the new (or updated) standard prior to its publication. You also have two months’ time in which to give your own comments about the draft standard, whether for yourself, your company or organisation, the sector or group you represent. The draft standard is only ready for approval and publication once the standards committee has examined and processed all comments.



Would you like to increase your participation and be part of the development of a new standard? Join a standards committee. Contact us for more information: by email via or by calling 02 300 78 53. We will be happy to tell you all you need to know.

Adjusting Belgian (NBN) and European (CEN) standards

Feel free to look at the draft standards via the Public Enquiry Portal of the NBN and leave your comments. How do you do that?

  1. Open the Public Enquiry Portal.
  2. Click on  to take a look at the draft standard.
  3. In the last column, click on  to make your comments.

NBN will forward your comments to the relevant standards committee.

On the Public Enquiry Portal, you’ll find all Belgian (NBN) and European (CEN) draft standards, apart from those for European electrotechnical and electronic standards (CENELEC). These are in Belgium developed via the BEC. Finally, ETSI develops standards for ICT.


Adjusting electrotechnical and electronic draft standards

The Belgian Electrotechnical Committee (BEC) develops standards for electrotechnical and electronic engineering. Find out about the European standards development performed by CENELEC and the international standards development performed by IEC.


Adjusting draft ETSI standards

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) develops standards for ICT (information and telecommunications technology). See the draft ETSI standards.