At the NBN, we believe that it is important to share our knowledge of standards with all interested people, organisations and stakeholders. To this end, we regularly organise events on specific themes in the world of standardisation. In our calendar, you can find detailed information about our own events as well as others developed in cooperation with partners.



Boosting Innovation Through Standards

Wednesday, 13 November 2019
This European conference is about bringing new products, systems and services to the market by speeding up the adoption of research and innovation outcomes, generating trust for innovative ideas and driving business scaling across markets. Leading experts in innovation and standardization will...

VCK-Kwinta congres 2019: Quality Qulture

Thursday, 21 November 2019
Companies that cherish a culture of quality are bound to reap the benefits sooner or later. But what exactly is a ‘quality culture’? How can you nurture one, and what are some of the essential requirements? Attend the VCK event and get the answers from a wide range of renowned experts, including...