Private Security Services: towards a harmonized standard for critical infrastructure protection

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 11:00 to 14:00

Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport (Culliganlaan 4, 1831 Machelen)

With the threat of physical and cyber-based terrorist and criminal attacks on the rise, every European member state sets great score by protecting its critical national infrastructure. In a continent like Europe, however, protecting vulnerable, critical infrastructures, such as transport hubs, energy and water supplies facilities, requires a harmonized, cross-border approach – which is currently non-existent.

How do our member states define and categorize ‘critical infrastructure’? What standards are available today, in Belgium and abroad? What are the gaps and the vulnerabilities? And what criteria should private security services companies, which are increasingly involved in civilian protection, meet to ensure harmonized, cross-border security?

To face these challenges, the European Expert Panel on ‘Private Security Services’ is looking for answers to these questions to form the basis of a new standard for the protection of critical infrastructure.

Help us shape the standard

Interested in helping to shape this new standard? The NBN has invited Catherine Piana, General Director of CoESS, and Danny Vandormael, CEO of SERIS Belgium, to discuss the topic with you and peer security professionals, during a dedicated lunch session on Thursday 16 November (11:00-14:00).

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Why participate in this lunch meeting?

As a participant, you will:

  • gain first-hand knowledge about the latest issues, policies and challenges facing the security of Europe’s critical national infrastructure;
  • give your organisation a voice in the development of a standard for the protection of critical infrastructure;
  • have the chance to share ideas and experiences with peers.


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11:00Welcome and introduction to NBN
Ellen Bartholomeeusen, Marketing & Communications Manager @NBN
11:10Roll call of participants
11:20Introduction to standardisation
Maureen Gillet, Business Developer @NBN
11:50New standardisation project on protection of critical infrastructure in Europe
Catherine Piana, Director General @CoESS Confederation of European Security Services
Sandwich lunch provided
12:30Situation in Belgium: new challenges, new legislation: how can the new standard help organizations?
Danny Vandormael, CEO @ SERIS Belgium
13:00Panel discussion with the speakers
13:20Conclusions and closure of the meeting
Maureen Gillet and Ellen Bartholomeeusen

Practical information

Where and when
Thursday 16 November 2017, 11:00 – 14:00
Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport, Culliganlaan 4, 1831 Machelen

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More info?
Contact Maureen Gillet via or call +32 2 738 01 02.