NBN EN 15221-6 & ISO 41001 - Discover the benefits of these Facility Management Standard

Facility management has changed considerably in the past few years. From a discipline that was primarily building-oriented, it has now become a service-oriented profession. For today’s facility managers, standards provide excellent frameworks for organising and optimising their activities.

Curious about how to put these standards into practice? Don’t hesitate to participate in the NBN trainings for facility managers.


Morning program (9:30 - 12:30) : NBN EN 15221-6 – Facility management – Area and space measurement in facility management

This training focuses on facility management standards for area and space measurement, particularly in the context of NBN EN 15221-6. It’s specifically aimed at professionals within the facility and real estate sector. During the training, we will:

  • explain the definition, structure and advantages of EN 15221-6;
  • illustrate how the standard is put into practical use;
  • present with case studies and a Q&A session.

Afternoon program (13:30 - 16:30): ISO 41000 – Facility management – Management systems – Requirements with guidance for use

In this training, we will introduce the new ISO standard 41001:

  • First, we focus on the standard’s key aspects in relation to the High Level Structure Annex SL.
  • Next, we immerse ourselves in the ISO 41000 series, while providing an overview of the latest developments on ISO 41011/ISO 41012 and ISO/DTR 41013.
  • After a networking coffee break, we shift our focus to the European standard EN 15221.
  • Subsequently, a business case is presented to illustrate the importance, added value and integration of the ISO standard 41001.
  • We conclude our training with a series of practical tips and tricks.

Practical advantages, ready-to-use knowledge

With the knowledge and expertise gained during our training session(s), you will be able to assess the benefits of standards and improve:

  • competitiveness in a global market;
  • effectiveness of primary and facility management processes;
  • transparency in procurement and contracting;
  • quality improvement of output;
  • support certification;
  • means of communication between stakeholders;
  • development of new tools and systems.

About the speakers

  • Morning: Peter Van Schel is an engineer-architect and works as consultant - project leader at PROCOS Group. He has been advising major organisations for over 15 years on Facility Management. Peter is a specialist in space management and was involved in the development of the European standard for surface measurement NBN EN 15221-6.
  • Afternoon: Ine Schaeps is an architect, master in Real Estate and Facility Management. She also holds a degree in International Management. As consultant - project leader for PROCOS Group, she advises major organisations in Facility Management. Ine is part of the ISO Working Group that is currently developing the new ISO 41001 standard for Facility Management Systems.


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