Buying standards

Buying standards

How can I consult a standard?

You can consult standards free of charge in our library, which holds over 33,000 Belgian, European and ISO standards.

Opening hours:
- Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm
- Friday from 9am to 1pm

If you wish to consult any standards, please contact us in advance. 

How can I buy a draft standard?

If you would like to buy a draft standard, please contact us.

Can I buy a standard from abroad?

Yes, even from abroad you can buy standards from NBN. Go to our catalogue and search for the standard you wish to purchase.

I ordered a standard in PDF format through the e-shop and did not receive it in my inbox. What can I do ?

NBN does not deliver PDF’s by e-mail. You can download them through ‘My Orders' in the e-shop. PDF’s remain available for 24 hours.

I didn’t download my PDF within 24 hours and now it is no longer available. What should I do ?

Please contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

Which payment methods are accepted on the NBN e-shop?

The accepted payment methods are: Bancontact, Visa and Mastercard. 

I am looking for a European directive. Can NBN assist me?

European directives are not standards. You can consult directives free of charge on the website of the European Commission and in the Belgian Official Gazette.

I am looking for information on European directives in relation to harmonised standards. What should I do?

The New Approach Standardisation in the Internal Market website is a useful starting point. Information on harmonised standards can be found on the website of the European Commission.

I want to have my product tested or inspected. Can NBN assist me?

NBN is not a testing laboratory or an inspection body. Please visit the BELAC website, where you will find a list of all Belgian testing laboratories and inspection bodies.

I am looking for a certification body, for instance for ISO 9001 or ISO 14001. Can NBN assist me?

NBN is not a certification body. Please visit the BELAC website, where you will find a list of all Belgian certification bodies.

Who do I contact for Unified Technical Specifications (STS)?

Unified Technical Specifications (STS) are documents that help the client or project designer to draw up the specifications of a project. For more information, visit the website of the FPS for the Economy.

Am I allowed to share standards on my company network?

No, because standards are protected by copyright and, as such, may not be reproduced and/or distributed. If you would like to copy a standard or distribute it on your company network, you need a licence. Please contact NBN for further information.

Does NBN have solutions for keeping my standards collection up to date?

Yes, NBN has a number of solutions to help you. If you would like more information about this, please take a look at myNBN or the Standards packages page.

Which standards are available in Dutch?

Belgian standards developed at national level by a Belgian standardisation committee are always available in Dutch. A limited number of European and international standards are also published in Dutch. You can consult our catalogue to check the availability of a Dutch version of a standard.

How can I find a standard?

Have a look in our catalogue, which contains some 40,000 standards.  You can search by standard reference, key word, date, etc.

How can I buy a standard?

Go to our catalogue and search for the standard you wish to buy. Once you have found what you are looking for, click on ‘buy’ and make your payment; you can then download the standard.