Buying standards

Buying standards

How can I find a standard?

Have a look in our catalogue, which contains some 40,000 standards.  You can search by standard reference, key word, date, etc.

How can I consult a standard?

You can consult standards free of charge in our library, which holds over 33,000 Belgian, European and ISO standards.

Opening hours:
- Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm
- Friday from 9am to 1pm

If you wish to consult any standards, please contact us in advance. 

Which payment methods are accepted on the NBN e-shop?

The accepted payment methods are: Bancontact, Visa and Mastercard. 

What are the NBN’s bank details?

IBAN : BE41 0003 2556 2110 



Rue du Marquis 1 box 2

What is the NBN’s VAT number?

The NBN’s VAT number is BE 0880 857 592

Can I purchase foreign standards – i.e. standards that are not available in the NBN e-shop – via the NBN e-shop?

You can only purchase these standards via the online myNBN portal. Access denied? Contact We will gladly help you resolve the issue. myNBN is user-friendly, simple, easy to manage and offers many advantages:

  • Anytime, anywhere: myNBN is an online portal and therefore accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Up to date: you have continuous access to the most recent versions of your standards, in all available languages.
  • Cost-efficient: NBN manages your standards collection optimally, thus reducing your administrative workload.
  • User-friendly: with a single click, you get an overview of your standards collection and its history. You can easily add users, search the standards catalogue and immediately supplement it with the standards that you need.
  • Peace of mind: you can rest assured that your standards collection is continually accessible and updated

I can’t find a specific standard in the NBN e-shop. What shall I do?

Make sure you only enter the standard number, e.g. ‘9001’. This should narrow the search results. Still nothing? Contact us at and we will help you find it. 

Can I get a copy of the invoice for a purchase via the NBN e-shop ?

When purchasing via our e-shop, you can use your login details and password to access and download any of your invoices. Or, you can request a copy by sending an email to

I am trying to register at the NBN e-shop but my VAT number is not accepted. What shall I do?

Check that you have entered your VAT number in exactly the same way as in the example. 

Our company’s details have changed. How can I edit this in the NBN e-shop?

Unfortunately, you cannot update those details yourself. Send an e-mail to and we will gladly make the changes for you.