Consulting standards via myNBN

Consulting standards via myNBN

Which payment methods are accepted on the myNBN portal ?

Bank transfer to our account BE 41 0003 2556 2110 following receipt of the invoice (within 30 days). 

I can’t find an ISO standard in myNBN. What shall I do?

Try again. Make sure you only enter the standard number, e.g. ‘9001’. Still nothing? If that is the case, launch a search via the ISO search function or fill in the online order form in myNBN. Go to the menu:

  • Orders
  • Order a standard
  • Order a genuine ISO Standard

I cannot open the PDF document containing the standard in myNBN.

Contact us at and we will help you resolve the issue. 

Can I get a copy of the invoice for a purchase via the myNBN portal?

When purchasing via the myNBN portal, you can use your login details and password to access and download any of your invoices. Or you can request a copy by sending an email to

How can I add more standards to a myNBN collection?

Contact for assistance with this.


With whom can I share my myNBN login details?

You can only share your myNBN login details with your colleagues (at home and abroad). Third parties such as suppliers or consultants are not allowed to use your myNBN company login details. 

How can I terminate my myNBN contract?

A myNBN licence can only be terminated after 3 years. If your contract has already been running for 3 years or more, you can cancel the cooperation at any time with a notice period of 3 months