Standards and training courses

Standards and training courses

Can I make use of the SME portfolio allowance to pay?

The SME portfolio supports SMEs (financially) with the purchase of services that improve the quality of the company. Specifically, these are open or in-company training and advisory services provided by NBN or services such as drawing up an ISO 9001 Gap Analysis. 

The aim of the SME portfolio is to be accessible to as many SMEs as possible. If you want to benefit from this allowance, request your subsidy here and save up to 40% on the registration price. The NBN’s accreditation number is DV.O217913


In-company training

In this type of training, your personal requirements provide the starting point. An intake interview will help us adapt the purpose and content of the session to your particular needs. These are the four advantages of in-company training:

  • The training session is tailored to the specific needs of your company. This means that your employees will be able to apply their newly acquired knowledge more rapidly after the training session.
  • Your employees feel more involved in the training because the exercises and case studies are based on experiences from your company or sector. 
  • Lower cost per participant than for individual training.
  • Greater flexibility in the choice of location, date and language of the training (Dutch, French or English). 

Would you like more information about our  training options? Contact us. 



Does NBN also organise in-company training courses?

Indeed. If a number of employees in your organisation need the same training course on  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 31000, ISO 45001 or other topics or management standards, an in-company training session conducted by NBN Learning Solutions is an ideal solution. An experienced trainer will come to your offices and deliver a personalised session entirely tailored to your organisation. 

You can also make use of the SME portfolio to pay. This allows you to benefit from a 40% contribution from the Flemish Government.

What is the process for an in-company training session?

Starting from an intake interview, we mutually agree on the purpose and content of the session. The trainers personalise their programme to suit challenges and specific needs. 

How do I register for a training at NBN?

It’s a piece of cake via our website. Click on the course you are interested in and, in the top left section, select the session you want to attend. A registration form appears through which you – and/or your colleague(s) – can register. 

Do I have to pay immediately if I register for a course?

No need to pay online. We will send you a first confirmation shortly after your registration. A few weeks before the training course, you will receive a final confirmation with the practical details. The invoice will follow shortly after. 

Can I cancel or postpone my registration?

Up to 1 month before the training, you can easily cancel or postpone your enrolment. You just need to send an email with your details to  Of course, we understand that there may be last-minute changes to your schedule. If, however, you cancel later than 1 month before the course, we will be forced to charge the full amount. Perhaps a colleague can take your place? For  more  details, please read  our  general terms and conditions

Am I entitled to educational leave or will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

NBN training courses, events and master classes are not eligible for paid educational  leave. Upon request, you will receive a certificate of attendance afterwards, which will allow you not only to prove your presence, but also your expertise in the subject.  If you follow our certified Lead Assessor Courses and pass your exam, you will receive a certificate as proof of your proficiency. It is good to have an NBN certificate to show that e.g: 

  • you have expertise as an internal or external auditor of management systems;
  • you fulfil certain training requirements that are imposed in the automotive, aeronautics, medical device or food sector;
  • you have taken the 30-hour training required to work as an environmental coordinator
  • you have already taken an additional training course as prevention advisor;