NBN Learning Solutions: in-house training programmes

  • Benefit from the expertise of our experienced NBN trainers in a familiar environment.
  • Train various colleagues or a whole team to fully exploit the benefits of working with standards.
  • Decide on the scope yourself: from a general introduction to concrete implementation to preparation for a certification audit

Why choose an in-house training programme?

These are the biggest advantages:

  • More efficient – The interactive course is completely tailored to your needs and wishes. For example, we use cases from your organisation or sector to search for specific opportunities. The result: your employees apply the expertise and know-how from day 1.
  • Cheaper – A collective course – especially for groups larger than 6 persons – is simply cheaper than paying for several individual courses. And you don’t have any transportation costs! Moreover, if you make use of the Flemish SME e-wallet, you can save up to 30% with the NBN number DV.O217913.
  • More flexible – You choose the location, time and language (Dutch, French or English) of our in-house training programmes. That way, you don’t have adjust to others and your employees can acquire expertise in a familiar environment.


A tailor-made in-house training programme in 1-2-3 steps

1. Get inspiration from our thematic courses and learning pathways

Looking for trainings on other ISO standards and certification?

Discover more options in our training calendar.

2. Contact us for an intake meeting

As soon as you know in which domain you’d like to apply standards to boost your organisation, we go over the possibilities together. Your objectives and the profile of your employees form the starting point of our meeting.

Some examples:

  • You want to get your environmental management system certified for ISO 14001. Through a tailor-made training programme we accompany you from start to finish. What are the exact contents of the standard? How do you start working with it? And which steps do you need to follow to optimally prepare for certification?
  • You want to combine quality management (ISO 9001) with social responsibility (ISO 26000). Depending on your internal expertise and know-how of both standards, we’ll make sure you soon reap the benefits of this high-value combo of standards. 
  • You want to run an internal audit to check if your information security management system complies with all requirements in ISO/IEC 27001. We get you up to speed with an in-house training, help you initiate the audit and guide through the whole process.

Wonder how NBN can help you realise your objectives?

Schedule an intake meeting.

3. Follow an adjusted programme

Shortly after the intake meeting, NBN comes back to you with a proposal. We elaborate the contents of the training(s) together, decide which trainers are the best fit and choose a specific approach. If you agree, we immediately plan the training(s) according to the availability of your colleagues. Once the programme is over, we gather for an evaluation. We think about next steps and remain by your side as the Belgian knowledge centre for standards.

A training to streamline your occupational health and safety policy with the requirements in ISO 45001 is obviously a good idea. But an even better idea is to organise such a training in the workspace. That’s essentially the biggest advantage of an in-house training: theory and practice are one.

NBN trainer for ISO 45001 courses

Interested in an in-house training programme or prefer to know more first in?

Let us know via learningsolutions@nbn.be or +32 2 738 01 11.