Call for NBN experts for 2019

Standards provide an important knowledge platform and play a key role in our economy and society. Want to be a part of the process of standardisation? Then register today as an expert for the NBN so you can contribute to the development of standards. We look forward to your participation and to learning from your experiences and insight. 

Sign up as an NBN expert today.

Why participate in the development of standards?

As an NBN expert, you will:
  • be the first to hear about future developments and trends in your sector;
  • have the opportunity to impact the content of standards;
  • expand your network and exchange knowledge with other experts;
  • participate in the development of standards at international, European and Belgian level;
  • have the opportunity to take free courses about standardisation;
  • be able to use NBN conference rooms for committee meetings, free of charge.
Want to find out more about the benefits of participating? Watch these video testimonials from some of our experts:
  • Ansell Healthcare Europe – standards for the manufacturing of medical and safety gloves;
  • DMK Recea Services – standardisation as a unique opportunity to gather sector insights;
  • Schindler – standards help safeguard elevator and escalator safety;
  • Aluminium Center Belgium – the enriching effect of standardisation at European level;
  • Saint-Gobain Glass – standards for improved international collaboration and export;
  • SPW – standards as a reference point for correct road signage;
  • Deceuninck – standards contribute to simpler operational processes.

Find out firsthand why these leading organisations are taking part in standardisation activities.


How much does it cost to participate?

To participate in NBN committees, which include Technical Committees (TCs), Sub-Committees (SCs) and Working Groups (WGs), the following costs apply:

  • participation in 1 committee: EUR 500;
  • for every additional committee: EUR 400.

Some discounts apply:

  • 30% for SMEs (maximum 50 employees);
  • 50% for academics (universities and higher education colleges whose services are governed by law or by decree);
  • 50% for societal actors who represent organizations established to uphold the interests of employees and workers, the consumers or the environment;
  • free participation for sector operators (only for people directly in charge of standardisation activities);
  • free participation for public authorities and public institutions of category A.


What about billing and payments?

Your contribution to a standardisation committee is calculated based on the number of months you have been a member, as detailed in the table below.

You registered as an NBN expert this year in: Cost to participate in 1 committee (in EUR):

Cost for every additional committee (in EUR):

January 500 400
February 458 367
March 417 333
April 375 300
May 333 267
June 292 233
July 250 200
August 208 167
September 167 133
October 125 100
November 83 67
December 42 33


More info?

Contact us at or on +32 2 300 78 53.