ISO 31000:2018 - The new ISO 31000 framework

Risk management is high on the agenda of organizations and businesses everywhere. The reasons for this are obvious: the better you manage risks, the more effectively you perform, respond to change, gain the confidence of stakeholders and utilise opportunities for growth. Since its launch in 2009, ISO 31000 has been providing a framework to help organisations do just that. Now, the standard has been revised.
Numerous experts, including the Belgian NBN Risk Experts, have contributed to the new ISO 31000, which will be revealed in February 2018. The renewed standard will have a major impact on a range of business fields. It will provide risk management professionals with best practices, structure and guidance. Moreover, it is key for any other business field as risk management is an essential component of all management systems that apply the High Level Structure (HLS).

Get the full scoop on ISO 31000


Eager to find out everything that’s new about the standard? Make sure to join NBN at our launch event ‘Enhance your Risk Management with the new ISO 31000’. The event takes place on Tuesday 17 April 2018 at the Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport in Diegem (entrance fee EUR 400).


What’s in it for you?


As a participant, you will:
  • discover insights from high-level speakers: Adriana Cavaliere (Corporate Risk Manager at BAM, Beheersmaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel and member of the BELRIM Scientific Committee); keynote speaker Jason Brown (Chairman of ISO/TC 262) and Peter Blokland (Risk Expert at BYAZ);
  • learn from risk management testimonials and success stories presented by Belgoprocess and ProRail executives;
  • share your knowledge and experience in rolling out risk management systems, and discover how other risk management professionals implement ISO 31000.


But it doesn’t stop there. Upon deciding to sign up for this launch event or pre-ordering the ISO 31000 standard, you’ll obtain an English copy of the draft version (FDIS). This version closely resembles the final ISO 31000 standard, which is due for publication in March 2018.



Here’s how to get access to this new standard


Participate in the ISO 31000 event in Diegem, on 17 April 2018:

  • Register before 15 February 2018 (EUR 400) and we’ll send you ISO/FDIS 31000. 
  • At the event, you’ll get the final publication of NBN-EN-ISO 31000:2018 in English.
Eager to participate in this launch event? Only 40 seats are available. So, don’t hesitate to register today.
Order the ISO 31000 package (EUR 155) and receive:
  • Upon ordering: ISO/FDIS 31000:2018 in English.
  • NBN ISO 31000:2018 in English from February 15th onwards. 
  • The final Dutch or French versions of ISO 31000:2018 upon their publication at the end of April 2018.





Welcome coffee and registration

11:00 Welcome and introduction (Johan Haelterman, NBN)
ISO 31000 – The risk management journey (Adriana Cavaliere, Corporate Risk Manager at BAM and NBN Thought Leader of the Risk Management Community)
ISO 31000 – The upsides of the new ISO 31000 (Maureen Gillet, Business Developer at NBN)
Networking lunch
13:30 The new ISO 31000 framework: a structured approach to risk management (KEYNOTE: Jason Brown, Chairman ISO/TC 262)

Customer testimonials, business cases:

A foundation for sustainable performance inspired by ISO 31000 (Peter Blokland, CEO at BYAZ, Managing Director at G31000 Europe, Researcher at TUDelft)

15:15 Coffee Break


Risks of nuclear waste: state-of-the-art, sustainable development and future challenges (Wim Van Laer, CEO at Belgoprocess)


ProRail’s ISO 31000 journey toward risk-enabled performance management (Adinda te Veldhuis, Head of Corporate Risk Management, ProRail)
16:45 FQAs – Final question & answer round
17:00 Networking drink





Adriana Cavaliere is Corporate Risk Manager at BAM nv, Beheersmaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel, and a member of the Scientific Committee of BELRIM, the Belgian Risk Management Association. As a Risk Management thought leader at NBN, she aims to connect people passionate about Risk Management and build bridges with BELRIM. Holding a degree in Business Engineering complemented with degrees in Risk Management and Corporate Finance, Adriana has developed and implemented a sustainable and integrated Enterprise Risk Management Framework. Prior to joining BAM, she built a strong expertise in Risk Management within various companies and organisations. 
Jason Brown is the National Security Director for Thales in Australia and New Zealand. He is responsible for international trade and security liaison with government, law enforcement and intelligence communities. In addition, he is Chair of the Security Professionals Australasia, of the Australian Standards Committee for Security and Resilience and of the International Standards Committee for Risk Management. Before joining Thales in 2004, Jason worked for the Commonwealth Government for 27 years and served on a number of senior boards and committees. In 2013, IFSEC International recognised him as one of the top 40 globally influential persons in Security and Fire Management.  


Practical info


When? Tuesday 17 April, 10:30–17:00 (including lunch and followed by a networking drink)
Where? Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport, Culliganlaan 4, 1831 Diegem (Machelen)
Price? EUR 400 per participant




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Feel free to contact Maureen Gillet via or call +32 2 738 01 02.


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