ISO 56002:2019 - Masterclass innovation management

The new ISO 56002:2019

ISO is currently developing ISO 56002, which is the world’s first set of international standards on innovation management. More than 50 experts from 47 countries have met over the past few years to develop a shared language and establish benchmarks to help organisations manage innovation in four essential areas:

  • systems – defining the process and organisation of innovation;
  • terminology – defining a common language for innovation management;
  • tools and methods – establishing useful tools that support innovation management processes;
  • assessment – developing criteria to assess the quality of an innovation management system.

ISO seeks to define standards that support businesses in public sector and non-profit organisations in various domains: innovation, marketplace, value chain, process improvement, organisational culture, products and services. ISO 56002 is based on the eight innovation management principles. The absence of any of these will impact the effectiveness of the innovation management system. The principles are:

1.       realising value

2.       future-focussed leaders

3.       clear strategic direction

4.       the right company culture

5.       exploiting insights

6.       managing uncertainty

7.       adaptability

8.       systematic approach


Three reasons to attend this seminar

During this two-day seminar, you will:

  • learn how key trends have made innovation one of the most critical prerequisites for long-term business success;
  • find out how a formal approach can help your organisation to effectively manage innovation;
  • obtain information first-hand from international experts who were instrumental in developing the new ISO 56002 standards. They will guide you in pragmatically interpreting and integrating these new elements into your management system.


After this seminar you will:

  • be able to interpret and apply the new elements of ISO 56002 and related standards to your business as a real expert;
  • have a better understanding of the innovation aspects that impact your organisation;
  • have the knowledge you need to start implementing an innovation management system in your organisation;
  • share views with other experts and receive feedback for further reflection.


  • The 8 principles of innovation management
  • Key trends affecting your business
  • How to transform ideas into value: the ISO approach to managing innovation
  • How to combine an innovation culture with the operational culture
  • The ideation process and its importance to innovation results
  • How to set up an innovation portfolio aligned with the organisational strategy
  • Tools and methods your organisation should consider in order to manage innovation effectively

The seminar is highly interactive, featuring activities to help you to understand the concept through practice and group discussions.

Target audience

  • Management representatives of ISO 9001-certified companies
  • Professionals in QMS and other management systems involved with innovation activities
  • Consultants, internal and external auditors of certification and accreditation bodies
  • Innovation managers and innovation experts
  • Anyone who knows that innovation is crucial and wants to understand how to embark upon the innovation management journey


Meet the trainer

Leopoldo Eduardo Colombo has more than 25 years’ experience in designing and implementing quality management systems. Since 1997 he has participated in international fora on standardisation and certification. He is currently Convener of ISO/TC 279 WG1 for Innovation Management Systems, developing the new ISO 56002.

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