Audit management systems efficiently using the new ISO 19011 standard

More than 70 ISO management standards help companies and organisations all over the world set up management systems and processes in order to maximise their efficiency in achieving their objectives. Those objectives include efficient quality monitoring, energy management and safety management, for example. Regular auditing is a must in order to enable the full potential of such management systems to be utilised along with the achievement of continuous improvements. The revised ISO 19011 standard can help with this. 

What is ISO 19011?

ISO 19011 helps organisations to carry out audits on their management systems effectively and in a uniform manner. For as the number and variety of systems increases, the more difficult it becomes to integrate them with each other and audit them. The standard belongs to an extensive series of specific ISO management standards.

First published in 2002, the standard was revised in 2018 in response not only to a number of social and technological changes but also to changes in the world of standardisation. These included:

  • changes to the terminology used in audit processes;
  • a stronger focus on the implementation of the audit programme;
  • extra attention being paid to risk factors within the audit process and to the individual competences of the auditors;
  • new technologies for remote auditing.

Saving you time and money

Audit processes can help to optimise your management systems. By streamlining these processes, you can avoid the duplication of work and limit the disruption caused to the business unit being audited. Having a clear auditing system can also save your organisation both time and money. ISO 19011 can help with that by:

  • clarifying the objectives of your various audit programmes;
  • coordinating the internal targets within an individual audit programme;
  • reducing the duplication of effort when carrying out combined environmental and quality audits;
  • optimising your audit reports;
  • assessing the competence of your audit teams.

Who is ISO 19011 intended for?

The standard is intended for any organisations which carry out internal or external management system audits or manage audit programmes. ISO 19011 can be used by both auditing professionals and organisations such as auditors, audit team leaders, audit programme managers and organisations which implement management systems or have to carry out management system audits.

Discover the ISO family

There are numerous related management standards besides ISO 19011 within the ISO family. These include the ISO 9000 series of quality management standards and the ISO 14000 standards for environmental management systems. Want to get started with setting up your own management standards? NBN can help you to implement standards within your company or organisation.

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