Lower power consumption, costs and emissions with ISO 50001

Worldwide power consumption has doubled in the last four decades. Global energy production is responsible for 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions which makes energy management essential for companies and organisations: it ensures a sustainable future for our planet and reduces power consumption and energy costs. Do you also want to implement energy management in your organisation? ISO 50001 helps you on your way.

  1. What is ISO 50001?
  2. Why implement ISO 50001?
  3. Who is ISO 50001 meant for?
  4. ISO 50001-certificate
  5. Related standards 

Work with ISO 50001 yourself?

Buy the standard in the NBN e-shop. You immediately have an overview of all requirements for an effective energy management system. 

1. What is IS0 50001?

ISO 50001 is the international energy management standard. The standard describes the requirements an energy management system needs to meet and helps organisations use energy more efficiently.

2. Why implement ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 offers guidelines for organisations to systematically control and improve their energy performance to thus combat global warming. The implementation of an energy management system results in lower power consumption, considerable cost cuts and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The Facilitair Bedrijf implements smart energy management

The Facilitair Bedrijf supports the Flemish government with building management, facility services, ICT and purchase and construction projects. It wants to play an exemplary role in the field of sustainability, energy and environment. That is why it obtained the energy management ISO 50001 certificate in 2017. Energy management engineer Stefaan De Taeye: “It sets very high standards but is an excellent guideline . Step by step we converted our energy policy into an energy plan which we subsequently implemented and now execute.”

Read their story here


3. Who is ISO 50001 meant for?

ISO 50001 is ontwikkeld voor organisaties die:

  • systematically improve their energy management.
  • establish, implement, improve and/or maintain an energy management system.
  • ensure their energy management is in order and in line with the latest insights.


4. ISO 50001-certificate

An ISO 50001 certificate is not compulsory but companies often choose certification because they want to have their energy management assessed and evaluated based on the standard. And they want to be able to demonstrate this to their customers and third parties. 

5. Related standards

List of ISO 50001 and related standards:


  • NBN EN ISO 50001:2018: Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use: for the development of a systematic energy management
  • NBN ISO 50002:2019: Energy audits – Requirements with guidance for use: for energy audits
  • NBN ISO 50003:2021: Energy management systems – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of energy management systems: for audits and certification
  • NBN ISO 50004:2021: Energy management systems– Guidance for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of an ISO 50001 energy management system - for improvements
  • NBN ISO 50005:2021: Energy management systems – Guidelines for a phased implementation: for a phased implementation
  • NBN ISO 50006:2019: Energy management systems – Measuring energy performance using energy baselines (EnB) and energy performance indicators (EnPI) – - General principles and guidance : for measuring energy performance processes
  • NBN ISO 50007:2019: Energy services – Guidelines for the assessment and improvement of the energy service to users: for activities relating to energy services
  • NBN ISO/TS 50008:2020: Energy management and energy savings – Building energy data management for energy performance – Guidance for a systemic data exchange approach: for energy management in commercial buildings
  • NBN ISO 50009:2021: Energy management systems – Guidance for implementing a common energy management system in multiple organisations: for implementation in multiple organisations
  • NBN ISO 50015:2019: Energy management systems – Measurement and verification of energy performance of organisations – General principles and guidelines: for measurement and verification 

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