Certification of ISO management standards

The use of management standards offers many advantages for your company. That’s why the number of certified organisations only continues to grow.

1. Why certify?

Management standards aid your day-to-day management and help you to implement your strategy as a business or organisation. They provide a frame of reference for key areas such as quality, environment, safety and sustainability. And they’re universally applicable – for SMEs and multinationals, the non-profit, private and public sectors.

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2. Who uses which management standards?

This map shows the companies in Belgium that are using management standards in their organisation and have obtained certification. Each standard has a colour code. For example, ISO 9001 is blue and ISO 14001 is green.  

To find out which companies are certified for each standard, click to expand the key to the left. When you click on the organisation, the company details will be displayed.

Would you like to go directly to more information about the companies near you? Just click on the location pin on the map to view details on those company.


Would you like to see your company on this map?

Contact the ISO Register to discover the possibilities.

3. The 6 benefits of ISO certification

After getting a standard in place, many organisations make a point of obtaining certification. Why? The ISO certificate offers 6 concrete benefits. We’ll break them down for you, one by one.

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