Master Track ISO 45001: everything about health and safety management in an unique learning programme

This course is available in Dutch and in French


Do you want to expand your expertise on ISO 45001? Then follow our Master Track ISO 45001 training.

What is the training about?

The Master Track ISO 45001 is a unique learning programme that consists of 4 parts:

  1. introduction: e-learning ISO 45001
  2. application of ISO 45001
  3. audit of ISO 45001
  4. final test with prior personal coaching

Why follow this training?

  • You start with the ISO 45001 e-learning. This means all participants start with the same prior knowledge.
  • You learn to interpret the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard and apply them in your own professional context. You will also learn a number of management techniques that you can apply in health and safety management.
  • You make your first steps in the world of internal audits. You learn to draw up audit reports, for example.
  • You obtain the ISO 45001 Certified Master diploma if you pass the exam and the final test.

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What does the training look like?

The Master Track ISO 45001 is structured according to Bloom's taxonomy. The topic is explained in 4 parts:

1. E-learning ISO 45001

  • Our health and safety management experts help you to master the basics of health and safety and ISO 45001. You learn to frame quality within a professional context.
  • You follow this basic training of approximately 8 hours at your own pace. Only when everyone has passed the e-learning exam, the classroom sessions start. This means everyone starts the next module at the same level.
  • You can also buy this e-learning course as a separate course. Read more about the ISO 45001 e-learning.

2. Application of ISO 45001

  • You can apply and interpret the ISO 45001 standard requirements within your own professional context in this one day classroom session.
  • You can situate a number of management techniques within the concept of 'health and safety management'.
  • You can apply a number of techniques such as risk management.

3. Audit of ISO 45001

  • This one day classroom session is about internal audits. You learn to plan and carry out a health and safety audit.
  • You are taught the basics of a number of relevant audit techniques.
  • You write an audit report.

4. Exam, assignment and debate

  • Before your exam and your final test you have one hour of 1-on-1-coaching, where you can ask your trainer any questions.
  • Your exam involves evaluating a component of a health and safety management system. You present your findings and defend your conclusions.
  • The last part comprises an online final test and a classroom presentation of your assignment. This is followed by a debate with your trainer.
  • When you pass the exam and the final test you obtain the ISO 45001 Certified Master.

How long is the training?

  • The e-learning takes approximately 8 hours and you can follow it at your own pace. It is up to you if you want to look at extra reading material. The learning platform remains available for one year.
  • The two classroom sessions take one day each. You receive 1 hour of personal coaching and you can prepare for your final test at your own pace.
  • The exam, assignment and the debate also take one day.


Who gives the training?

This Master Track is developed and guided by an expert in health and safety management who is directly involved in the development of the standard which means he is up to date on the latest evolutions.


For whom is this Master Track intended?

  • For people with a relevant role in health and safety management for an organisation that attaches great importance to the health and safety of employees.
  • For people who are responsible for carrying out internal audits within the organisation and report on this to management.
  • For people who want to perfect their professional skills in health and safety management.

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