ASTM standards at the NBN

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ASTM standards at the NBN

The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is an important American organisation for the development of standards. From now on you will find them in the NBN offer. You will find them:

  • on the myNBN platform
  • and now also in the NBN e-shop

For whom are ASTM standards interesting?

Are you active on the American market? If so, the international ASTM standards will certainly have an added value for you. The ASTM portfolio contains more than 12,000 standards for 90 sectors. Examples include standards for nanotechnology and industrial biotechnology, sustainability and 3D printers.

The standards are also useful in the reverse direction: for American companies or organisations exporting worldwide (and therefore also to Belgium).

Purchasing ASTM standards in the NBN shop

In the shop you always purchase one standard in one language for one user. Depending on your activity and your objective, this may or may not be sufficient. And if a standard is revised? Then the version you purchased is no longer up to date. That is why we also offer options in myNBN that always give you access to the latest version (see below).

In the NBN shop you search for standards on title or number. The summary of the ASTM standards is also available in Dutch and French. This simplifies your search.

Do you want to purchase standards directly?

ASTM standards in myNBN: your digital standards platform

myNBN, NBN's digital platform, now also provides a subscription option. This allows you to compile your own collection of ASTM standards. Automatic updates are included. And your collection is accessible to multiple users in a copyright compliant way.

Another option in myNBN is the Reading Room. This gives you access to the entire ASTM collection of standards. myNBN is recommended for anyone who works intensively with standards and always wants to be up to date with the latest developments.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities in myNBN?