Do Belgian beaches conform to the International Standard ?

Do Belgian beaches conform to the International Standard ?

Brussels, June 22, 2015 – Sun, sea and beach. Idyllic images spring to mind when we think about them. But these can be spoilt by potentially harmful waste lying around, or by polluted sea water that you would rather not swim in. Recently, an international ISO standard was established to keep beaches sustainable, clean and safe.

Not just for sunseeking tourists, beaches are an important part of our ecology. The new ISO 13009:2015 ‘Tourism and related services – Requirements and recommendations for beach operation’ provides a robust package of internationally agreed guidelines for public authorities and recreational service providers to make informed decisions on the sustainable management of their beaches. In addition to general beach management, this new ISO standard deals with all major aspects such as: beach and water safety, first aid, infrastructure, cleaning and waste disposal, ecology, communication and information.

Johan Haelterman, Chairman of the Executive Committee of NBN, the Bureau for Standardisation, responsible for the development and distribution of standards in Belgium and ISO representative for our country, adds: “For local authorities, as well as recreational service providers, the standard* is a useful tool for managing their beaches in a more sustainable way. In addition, compliance with ISO 13009:2015 is also a valuable marketing tool for attracting tourists and investors that can support the local economy. The standard also helps to ensure that entertainment activities in the area are conducted within a socially responsible framework. Let’s hope that all Belgian beaches will soon conform to this standard, so that all tourists can enjoy our sustainable beaches.”

Shortly NBN will send a copy of the standard to the mayors of our seaside resorts. By doing so, it hopes to contribute to a sustainable summer season on the Belgian coast.

*The ISO 13009:2015 standard is available from the NBN webshop.

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NBN acts as the Belgian knowledge centre for all activities related to standardisation. NBN plays a societal role by helping companies, consumers, public authorities and other stakeholders to strive for greater quality within an international competitive context.

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