Fireworks safety

Fireworks safety

During the Holiday season, many people enjoy lighting fireworks. Unfortunately, every year the careless use of fireworks leads to accidents.

All firework articles placed on the European market must have a CE marking. This marking indicates  conformity with the European Pyrotechnic directive 2007/23/EC and the European standards series NBN EN 15947, containing specifications concerning the categories and types of fireworks, minimum labelling requirements, construction and performance requirements etc.

These standards are primarily intended for producers and sellers of fireworks, but also aim to improve consumer safety. Thus, firework labels should contain practical warnings in order to avoid accidents. One example is the minimum distance to be observed by spectators.

At Belgian level regulations are in place that ban for example the sale of certain types of fireworks to private customers and set a minimum age for buying fireworks. The Belgian Federal Public Service Economy, SME’s, Self-employed and Energy gives practical information about regulations on fireworks.

Happy holidays!