Free Practical Guide for calculating heat losses in buildings

Free Practical Guide for calculating heat losses in buildings

Sustainability is a major issue in the construction of new residential and other buildings. The standard NBN EN 12831 specifies methods for the calculation of heat losses. In order to assist the application of this standard to the Belgian building and installation practice, a ‘Practical guide for the calculation of heat losses in buildings’ was developed.

This Practical guide was established in collaboration with the competent national standardisation committee E228. It discusses:

  • the NBN EN 12831:2003 and its National Annex
  • a number of new European transmission and ventilation standards (drawn up in the period 2004-2008, to support the calculation methods prescribed by the European EPBD directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings (2002/91/CE)

In this context, the Practical guide also makes reference to calculation procedures for determining the thermal transmittances of building components, as well as the transmission and ventilation heat transfer coefficients, treated by the Belgian standard NBN B 62-002:2008.

Promotion : The practical guide is offered for free with the purchase of:

  • NBN EN 12831 – Price: 295 euros and contains: NBN EN 12831:2003, NBN EN 12831 ANB:2014 and NBN B 62-002:2008
  • prEN 12831 – Price: 45 euros

These documents are available from NBN and can be purchased through the NBN e-Shop.

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