Heritage Day 2015: enjoy a rich and varied cultural offer on April 26

Heritage Day 2015: enjoy a rich and varied cultural offer on April 26

Heritage Day is an annual initiative of FARO, the Flemish Interface for Cultural Heritage. The theme for this year’s Heritage Day, which will be held on Sunday April 26 is: ‘Inherit!’. The focus will be on different aspects of inheritance: the formal and personal aspect, but also the cultural context. However, the range of activities is much broader. They include exhibitions, tours, demonstrations and workshops, walks and bike rides focusing on many aspects of heritage.

Among the participants in the Heritage Day are museums, archives, heritage libraries, historic societies and other heritage organizations.

What is part of the cultural heritage?

Cultural heritage refers to traces of the past, which are visible and tangible in the present and which have a cultural value. Heritage can be movable as well as immovable. Movable cultural heritage includes archeological objects, works of art, musical instruments, scientific equipment, books etc. Immovable cultural heritage refers to historic buildings, sites or structures. Finally, intangible heritage refers to immaterial objects, such as dialects, stories, songs, traditions, festivals etc. which have historical value and even today are part of our culture.

Heritage Day focuses exclusively on movable and immaterial heritage, whereas Open Monument Day (held this year on 13 September) concentrates on immovable heritage.

Recent standardisation activities dealing with cultural heritage

Standardization is actively involved in the care for the cultural heritage. For example, the Technical Committee CEN / TC 346 ‘Conservation of cultural heritage' recently developed standards on this subject. It is in fact important to preserve our heritage in the best conditions and to evaluate this regularly.

Some examples of European standards on this topic are given below:

  • NBN EN 16096:2012 on the condition survey and report of built cultural heritage
  • NBN EN 16581:2012 on the evaluation of water repellent products used to protect porous objects
  • NBN EN 16242:2013 on the measurement of moisture exchanges between air and cultural heritage.

Don’t forget to mark the date of Sunday April 26 in your calendar to discover what Flanders has to offer in terms of cultural heritage. You can consult here the program by region (only available in Dutch).